7ft x 4ft Antique George Edwards swivel dining table in mahogany

A lovely example of this rare model of swivel-action antique billiard/dining in mahogany.  The slate bed playing surface is enclosed within the cushions & dining top so that with the release of two small sliding handles along the table side the whole centre part of the dining table can be revolved to reveal the playing surface, already at the raised playing height, The sliding handles are then slid back in to secure the table for stable play.  To revert the table back for dining then the process is a just a simple reversal of these actions.

These tables are very rare, and whilst in some cases it could be argued that the playing area is smaller than regular rise-and-fall combined tables, it does suit some situations where space is very limited as generally more space is required around a table for the use of a cue than for placing a dining chair. 


Price £2,800

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