antique quarter size (6ft x 3ft play area) 'Jelks' c1900

Here we have a lovely antique quarter sized (6ft x 3ft play area) combined billiard/snooker dining table with adjustable height. It was made by the firm of 'Jelks of London' c1900 and constructed throughout in solid mahogany & close grained chestnut, sympathetically restored so that the polished woodwork has a deep pale patina, with the cushion rubber and the fine finish green baize renewed so that the whole table is in lovely condition. It has a simple adjustment from the lowered dining height up to the playing position, and will be supplied with a full complement of accessories including a matching period scoreboard. The dining leaves are original, being solid timber in four sections which simply lift off - many of these tables were 'robbed' of their original tops over their life for use on other furniture, due to the high quality of wood so that completely original tables such as this are rare and increasing in value. Due to the method of height adjustment devised by Jelks, these tables can be made level in both the lowered & raised position.


Price guide £2,500 (this table has now been sold but we have others of  similar size & style being restored)


We have a massive stock of billiard & snooker tables of all sizes together with vast collection of accessories such as scoreboards, new & antique cues & rests, cue stands, light fittings, together with ornamental items and memorabilia. We are gradually putting all our goods on this new website but it takes us some time as most items are rare & individual, so if you are seeking something particular please don't hesitate to ask me! Robert Donnachie

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